Welcome to ENGIE Chargepoint Network

Welcome to ENGIE’s public charging network. We are a global energy and services company with a rapidly growing network of electric vehicle chargers.

Why use ENGIE Chargepoint Network?

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Free to use chargepoints

All our chargepoints are completely free to use until 29th October 2021.

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Easy Smartphone Access

All our chargepoints are immediately accessible via our smartphone web app. No membership card is required.

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Rapid Charging

All chargepoints have rapid 50kW DC connectors, as well as fast 22kW AC connectors, so you can charge your car quickly and be on your way.

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All chargepoints include multiple DC and AC connectors so no matter what your car, you’re covered. Two drivers are able to charge simultaneously at each site 24/7.

How it works

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Create an account by registering your details on our web app.

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Find a chargepoint

Use the web app map to locate your closest available chargepoint.

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Charging screen on mobile for ENGIE chargepoint network
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Plug in and start charging

Plug your vehicle in and start your charging session.

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Drive away

Once charged, unplug your car and off you go. Your receipt is stored on the web app and is emailed to you for your records.

Prefer RFID cards? Register an existing card for free or purchase a new one for £9.
Just logon to the web app and click ‘My Account’.

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Get started now

Getting started is easy. Simply register, find a chargepoint and away you go.

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