ENGIE Chargepoint Network FAQs

  • How will I know whether a chargepoint is available?

    The location and availability of our chargepoints are displayed on the web app map.

  • How do I know if I am at the correct chargepoint?

    All our chargepoints can be clearly identified by the ENGIE logo and specific chargepoint identification number, which you’ll find on the web app map.

  • Is my vehicle compatible with ENGIE chargepoints?

    Our chargepoints use standard DC (CCS, CHAdeMO) connectors and AC (Type 2) sockets which you need your own cable for. Check your vehicles manual if you are unsure which connector to use.

  • My charge cable is stuck, what shall I do?

    Please ensure the session is fully complete, if this problem continues call our helpline on 0333 666 0059.

  • What methods of payment can I use to pay for the charge sessions?

    We accept credit and debit Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express cards. If you are visiting a West Yorkshire chargepoint, there will be no fee up until 29th October 2021.

  • Can I change my payment details?

    You can add and delete your payment cards by navigating to the payment section on your account.

  • I’m charging in West Yorkshire, why do you need a payment card when it is free?

    To make charging your electrical vehicle fair to everybody who wishes to use our chargepoints, overstay charges are applied to your account if you overstay your charging session. Details of the overstay fees will be displayed on the web app before you start a charging session. All charging sessions on chargepoints in West Yorkshire are free until 29th October 2021. The pricing after 29th October 2021 will be competitive and announced nearer the time on the web app and displayed before charging.

  • How do I use the chargepoint?

    Step by step instructions are detailed on the Homepage.

  • Are there time limits for a charging session?

    Yes, the maximum time you can charge for is detailed on the web app map. If your car is still plugged in after this period, you may incur an overstay fee which is charged to your registered payment card. This fee ensures the charging stations are available for multiple drivers throughout the day.

  • How much does it cost to call ENGIE’s helpline?

    Calls to our 24/7 helpline are charged at local rate.

  • What should I do if the chargepoint is damaged or faulty?

    Don’t touch or try to use the chargepoint, call us immediately on 0333 666 0059 to report the fault. We’ll send an engineer out to fix it.

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