Introducing 88 chargepoints in West Yorkshire

From June 2019 until early 2020 we are installing 88 chargepoints in West Yorkshire across Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield districts. The map below shows how many are being installed in each area.

A live map is coming soon showing exactly where these charge points are and whether they are available. So keep checking back for updates on newly installed chargepoints. Our web app has a live map on where you can locate your nearest available charger. Just click the ‘find a charger' button.

  • Leeds
  • 30 Charge Points
  • Kirklees
  • 17 Charge Points
  • Bradford
  • 20 Charge Points
  • Calderdale
  • 8 Charge Points
  • Wakefield
  • 13 Charge Points

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Map of chargepoints in the West Yorkshire Combined Authority charging scheme

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