The West Yorkshire charging programme

100% renewable energy charging in West Yorkshire for all ENGIE Chargepoint Network users until 29th October 2021.

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ENGIE Chargepoint Network

We have joined forces with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and its partner councils (Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield) to help improve air quality by encouraging electric car usage. Our renewable energy experience and electric vehicle charging expertise have been combined to install 88 rapid chargepoints throughout West Yorkshire. All fed by 100% renewable energy.

Not only that, but all our chargepoints are completely free until 29th October 2021 (parking fees may apply).

To make your life a little easier, we have chosen convenient locations such as shopping centres, carparks and supermarkets.

Each chargepoint has two bays, one for the general public and the other reserved exclusively for taxis and private hire taxi charging.

Each bay has both a standard fast 22kW AC connector and a more powerful rapid 50kW DC connector which provides an 80% charge typically in under an hour, depending on your vehicle.

The chargepoints will be rolled out from June 2019 and are free to use until 29th October 2021 (parking fees may apply). We’ll have the last chargepoint installed in early 2020.

To find your nearest chargepoint see our live map

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